Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Super Easy Spicy Cocktail Sauce

I really hate when I come home and forget something at the store.  Way too often it's a sauce we need, like, cocktail sauce.  Usually, I run back out to the store to get it, but it's been pretty stressful around here, lately, and I just didn't have the energy!  So, I opened the iPad and searched on Pintrest.  I couldn't believe how many, easy, recipes there were for cocktail sauce!  I actually used to buy this at the store?!?!?!  Crazy!  So, never again. This is so darn easy, I feel stupid...

Super Easy Spicy Cocktail Sauce

1 c. Ketchup
5 Tbs prepared horseradish (we like ours spicy)
Juice of 1 lemon
3 tsp worstershire sauce
Salt and pepper to taste

Mix all ingredients together with a whisk.  Chill for about 30 minutes, mix again, then serve!  Easy peasy!

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