Saturday, August 14, 2010

Grapefruit Mango Cocktail

I am going out of town for a week tomorrow and had some produce to get rid of...getting ripe, would be bad by the time I got back. Last time I was at the grocery store, I had some crazy idea to buy a grapefruit, even though I am not a big fan, and would never eat it by itself. I hate to throw out food, though, so I had to find something to do with it. I was looking online, and didn't find much that I could make with it, unless I was to go out to the grocery store and buy more ingredients. So, instead, I decided to make a cocktail. I found several, but needed to use items I already had, so I put the following was together:

1 grapefruit, peeled and all membrane cut off
1 mango, cut in small chunks
1 1/2 limes, juiced

Put everything in a blender and blend until there are no chunks. Then add:

1 oz. Contreau (I am not sure I spelled that right)
1 c. ice

The alcohol content is up to you. I made them light...simply add some, blend, taste, and add more if necessary. Be careful, though, it is hard to taste the alcohol, but I have to be honest, I don't make cocktails often enough to know how much liquor is supposed to go in there. I just eye-balled the vodka with what I thought was okay.

Matthew probably will not get a chance to try this, so the success of this recipe is up to me, and I say...YUMMY!!!

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